My Butt

Mom says some funny things sometimes, and usually I just roll my eyes and wait for her next visit to the fridge. Today, while out on our walk, my eyes rolled so much that I nearly fell over


Mom said the oddest thing today
When we went for our walk.
I would have said “EXCUSE ME????
If only hounds could talk!

She said I had the greytest butt!
As cute as it could be,
I span around to look but it
Seemed much the same to me!

Your normal houndy butt, I thought,
(Although I must admit,
Unlike a lot of houndies
No hairless, baldy bit!)

I looked at her suspiciously
And stared for quite a while.
I think that she was teasing ‘cos
She tried to hide a smile.

But now I feel self-conscious
Because of what she said,
So I’m walking just behind her
Instead of up ahead!!


Why are moms so embarrassing?



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