Unfair World

After having problems with my teeth last week, and having a sore leg too, I have been thinking about the world we live in and how lucky I am to live where I do, and with someone who loves me.

Last week I had a poorly head,
My teeth were very sore.
A swelling made my face not
Look like Bella anymore!

Luckily Mom noticed
And she knew just where to go,
To find out what was wrong with me
From someone in the know.

The vet used his experience,
He looked at every clue,
He fixed my poorly teeth and now
I’m feeling good as new.

We take for granted medicines,
Like those that fixed my head,
That cured the bad infection
That can leave others dead.

Not everyone’s so lucky,
The world’s an unfair place,
Where some survive with nothing,
While others walk in space.

It saddens me to realise
That I have better care,
Than many human beings
Living in this world we share.




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