Much Better!

Well I am pleased to say that I am feeling much better after my visit to the vet. My face isn’t so swollen and my eye looks a lot more normal.


My Wonky Face

Mom took me before going to work on Monday. I was a bit worried at first when she left, but she promised she would be back soon, and they were so friendly there, that I soon relaxed.

They put me in a big cage with a very comfy bed. My head was still sore, so I dozed, until a lady came and woke me up.

I was a bit confused when she started shaving bits of fur off my legs I have to admit! It was my head that hurt, not my legs, so I did think it was a bit odd! I was being very good, but then I yelped when the clippers suddenly bit me! I didn’t think that was supposed to happen!

She stuck another sharp thing in my leg too, and it hurt a bit but I was very brave and didn’t even flinch that time.

And then, the next thing I knew, I was waking up in the cage with something stuck in my leg, wrapped in a bandage, and a very woozy head!

I have no idea what had happened!

The lady made a fuss of me and kept checking on me until Mom came to pick me up.


At Home

Boy, was I glad to see her!! I felt very strange and wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep.

Before we left, the vet said I had been very good, and gave Mom some medicine for me. She told Mom that it was two bad teeth that had caused my face to swell up, so she had taken them out. She also said she had knicked my leg with the clippers but it had been treated and should not give me any trouble.


When I got home, I tweeted a while and went to bed early, after having lots of cuddles and a very welcome bowl of scrambled eggs!

Mom stayed at home Tuesday. My head was feeling much better and the swelling started going down.

We spent the whole day together. It was lovely, but Mom started fussing because I kept licking my leg. It itched and bothered me and I just couldn’t leave it alone!

So Mom put a sock round it, to stop me licking.

Today Mom had to go to work. I felt much better, my face looked almost back to normal and the sock was still on my leg so she wasn’t worried.

Until she came home that is.

While she was gone, I had removed the sock and licked my leg till it was sore. I just couldn’t help myself!! What was a little scratch had turned into a hole!

So, although my head was pretty much back to normal, and I felt great, I had to go back to see the vet!

Now, I have a huge bandage on my whole leg! A red one. This is supposed to stop me licking it, but it feels really weird!


At The Vets

When I walk, I look like a flippin zombie!


My Bandage

And I have been threatened with a cone of shame if I try to get it off! Tell me, how on earth did a sore, wonky face turn into a wonky leg?

The things a houndy has to put up with!!!



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