I Feel Poorly

I woke up this morning feeling a little odd. My head hurt and my mouth was a little dry. One eye wouldn’t open properly.


Mom came downstairs and looked at me. She stared for a moment, and then ran over as I stood up to greet her. She held my face between her hands and looked at me for quite a long time, then kissed my nose, stroked my ear and gave me a hug.

All morning, every time I looked at her, she was staring at my face! I began to wonder if I had grown horns in the night or something!

As I ate my breakfast, she watched me intently, a very odd look on her face. I have to say, it was more than a little disconcerting.


After breakfast, and me and Charlie had done garden patrol, she put my collar on and I thought “great, walk time”. But instead, she put me in the back of the car and we went for a drive.

I was a bit surprised when we pulled up outside Pets At Home. We weren’t out of dog food and it wasn’t anyone’s birthday, maybe she wanted to buy me a present?

But no..

We walked to the back of the shop and told the lady sat there, that we were here to see the VET!!

I was not at all happy and I felt a bit frightened all of the sudden. I just couldn’t help myself, I peed right there in the shop!

I was so embarrassed!

A nice man cleaned it up straight away though, before anyone noticed, and then we went in to see the vet. He looked at my face and immediately started asking Mom questions.

Much to my dismay, the first thing he did, was to stick something up my bum!!

I didn’t say a word, but how undignified is that?? I’m a laydee for dogs sake! Didn’t he know that?

Anyway, he checked me all over, listened to my heart, felt my tummy, he even turned the lights out to shine a bright thing in my eyes! Then he looked in my mouth.

It appears that I have most likely got a bad tooth, which has made my face swell up under my eye! I need to have an X-ray to make sure that’s what it is.

I’m not sure what an X-ray is but apparently I have to go to sleep for a bit while they do it.

That won’t be a problem for me! I’m good at going to sleep!

He stuck a needle in my shoulder, which hurt a bit, but I was very brave and didn’t even flinch. Mom said I was a very good girl!

It was decided that I’ve got to go back tomorrow and spend the whole day at the vets!

I’m a bit worried but Mom says I will be fine and that I will feel better very soon.

I hope an X-ray doesn’t hurt.



12 thoughts on “I Feel Poorly

  1. When I had some horrid teeth out I got to eat lots of lovely scrambled eggs so it wasn’t all bad! I expect your mum will give you extra hugs and treats for being a brave girl. Paws crossed all goes well. Xx

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