In The Night

Is it just me, or does everything seem louder and more scary at night? When it is dark and quiet, and everyone else in the world seems to be asleep?


I hear noises late at night
After Mom turns out the light
Some familiar – sqweeky bed
As Mom gets in and rests her head.
I hear her breath, a gentle sigh
It comforts me that she’s close by.
Then I hear a click and beep
As the heating goes to sleep.

I hear Charlie settle down
(Imagining his furry frown…..)
I cannot see him but he’s there
Cuddling his teddy bear.
It’s later when the noises start
I wake with rapid beating heart
A pitter patter on the floor
And gentle squeak of opening door

My ears go up, at once alert
Worried in case my Mom gets hurt
My fur, it bristles, stands up straight
I stand up quickly, but, I wait.
My nose starts twitching, ears go flat
It’s just that pesky flippin cat!
I’m sure she does it just to keep
Me from essential beauty sleep.


Why is she allowed upstairs?
It’s just not fair!



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