Winter is on its way. I know it because it is already starting to get dark by the time Mom gets home from work. Also of course because it’s started to get cold.

Where does the warm go in Winter?
It seeps from my world day by day.
It sneaks off at night while I’m sleeping,
Till outside it’s too cold to play!

Does it go somewhere else while we shiver?
Where they get their turn with the heat?
Soak up the sun’s rays for a while
While I stamp my freezing cold feet!

We wait and we shiver till Christmas
Which comes around quicker each year,
The presents and food take your mind off
The fact that the summers not here!

But then I’m reminded each morning
When my feet are cold, sometimes wet,
That the frost on the ground will be staying
For quite a few months ahead yet.

I put up with it ‘cos I have to!
I know it’s not any ones choice,
But please could I ask Mother Nature
To listen to this houndies voice……..


Please please please, can we keep summer for just a little bit longer?



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