The Zombies!

Today I had a massive adventure involving zombies in my garden, a massive boo boo and emergency medical treatment from Mom, all before breakfast!

Mom isn’t aware of the fact that zombies exist.

Me and Charlie keep it a secret from her so that she doesn’t get frightened, but as all good dogs know, they are everywhere.


This morning, me and Charlie did our early morning patrol of the garden and much to our horror, discovered a rabid, ferocious zombie waiting for us! He was huge and scary!

Luckily, me and Charlie knew what to do!

We ran at him barking! He stood his ground at first as we ran towards him and at the very last minute, showed us his teeth! They were yellow and broken and dripping blood!

But me and Charlie weren’t afraid!

We leapt at him, snarling and growling, I got his neck and Charlie got his ankles! He put up quite a fight, that zombie, he snapped his teeth and tried to scratch us with his claws but we did not give up.

After at least ten minutes of fighting, he pushed us off and leapt over the fence to get away. As he did so, he caught my leg with his overgrown toenail.


I screamed in agony!

Mom came running as I limped back slowly towards the house holding my back leg in the air!

Of course I couldn’t tell her about the zombie, so I just stood there while she said I was a silly girl for running in the bushes.

She kissed my wound better and gave me a cuddle, and miraculously, it stopped hurting!

Just like that.

Charlie winked at me as we trotted back into the house for breakfast. As Mom turned to get our bowls, he high fived me with his paw and winked again.

Another job well done.

Oh if only humans knew how much we do to keep them safe!



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