What is A Smile?

I decided this morning to write a little poem about trying to make people happy! Everyone deserves to be happy, from people to dogs to every other creature on this beautiful planet. Even someone who has nothing can have a small moment of happiness when someone is kind to them.

We all will have a bad day
If only now and then,
(I must have had a couple,
Though I can’t remember when.)

I am a happy houndy
My life is pretty good
I have a home and family
Like every houndy should.

For those who aren’t so lucky
I feel we could do more
I cannot change the world that much,
Stop wars or feed the poor.

A houndy has no money
So cannot help that way,
But I can try to make you smile
And brighten up your day.

A smile is always welcomed
A kindly word or two,
Costs nothing to deliver
And it isn’t hard to do.

And what is even better,
A smile can be returned!
You get back what you’ve given
With profit, I have learned!

It may not make much difference
The problems are still there
But one small act of kindness
Will show them that you care.

And that is worth the effort,
That moment when they smile
To make their world a better place
If only for a while.



So go and smile at someone today!

Spread the love!



13 thoughts on “What is A Smile?

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