The #GGG2015

Yesterday was the Great Greyhound Gathering at Nottingham and I went with Mom. It was a fabulous day out for us and we met up with lots of online friends!

We got in the car early as it was quite a long drive to Nottingham. I laid on the back seat all the way there, on my own as Charlie didn’t come. (Mom was worried he might get eaten!)


When we arrived, we went in to register for some of the classes. I was entered into two! There, we met Ember and her Mums! She’s gorgeous!

We had a look around the stalls, which were selling all sorts of things for dogs and their humans! I tried some free samples from some of the stalls! The people were very friendly!


There was a stall full of fun stickers for the car! Mom bought one that said her car was powered by Greyhound farts! *rolls eyes


Lots of my friends were there from Twitter, I said hello to all of them, with a wagging tail and a happy grin!

Mom took lots of photographs of the dogs and she loaded them all on Pinterest. The link is here :-


There was one romantic meeting at the GGG that I know of! After a long, and sweet twitter courtship, Ember and Ozzy finally met up. It was to be a wonderful moment………

However it turned out that Ember liked Kenny better………. Oh dear. Say no more……. poor Ozzy

There was no romance for me. Laddie wasn’t there unfortunately. I did have a dance with Robbie though, as I always do when we meet!! We do like to dance. Unfortunately we didn’t get it on camera this time!

This was last time we met –


When the time came for the classes I was entered into, I walked confidently into the ring with Mom, head held high.

However I didn’t win a rosette. I have to admit, all of the hounds were beautiful so I wasn’t too disappointed. (Well I was, but I didn’t let it show.)

I think. Doh.

All round, it was a lovely day out, it raised awareness and hopefully a lot of money for the Retired Greyhound Trust, so that they can help other hounds to find a happy home like me.

Houndies rule!!



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