There are so many different types of animal in the world! I saw a programme on the television and I was amazed!! I have never seen most of them but I discovered lots of interesting creatures!


I just had to laugh
When I saw a giraffe
His neck is so skinny and long.
He can’t reach the floor
With his head any more
Without doing the splits! It’s wrong!

Someone that I know
Showed me a Rhino
I have to be honest, I stared!
They seem to be born
With a unicorn horn!
If I met one today I’d be scared!

I think I’d be cryin
If I met a lion
So big and so scary is he!
He’d let out a roar
And I’d run for the door
As fast as I could, just you see!

An elephant now,
Would make me say “Wow!”
I’d love one to say Hi to me!
Despite being tall
He’d make me look small
I barely would reach to his knee!

And then there’s a whale!
He goes off the scale
Enormous, he swims in the sea!
I’d watch from the shore
And wave with my paw
As he passes by unhurriedly.

I once saw a horse,
They are common of course,
There’s lots of them round here no doubt.
They neigh and they snort
Much more than they aught,
I don’t know what that’s all about!

I look at them all
Creatures big and so small
But one thing I must say I found
That all of these creatures
With different features
Can never be good as a hound.

I think so anyway. After all, who would want a whale in their bath or a giraffe on their sofa??



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