Bad girl?

Today I was a naughty girl, apparently. I don’t really think I was, but as Mom is usually right about most things, I think I must have been. Humans are unnecessarily complicated.

Mum cooked up some sausages
She said they were for me.
And while she ate her breakfast,
I waited patiently.

I waited and I waited
But my sausages stayed put.
Despite my staring at them
With big eyes and tapping foot.

Mom tidied up the dishes
I drooled and nudged her arm
But when they weren’t forthcoming
I struggled to keep calm.

I knew that I would get them
But I didn’t want to wait!
So when she took the washing out
I stole them off the plate!

The sausages were yummy
And I didn’t have to share!
Charlie didn’t get one
And guess what? I didn’t care!

He didn’t even notice
‘Cos he was outside you see
I felt so very pleased until
Mom saw and glared at me!

She pointed at the sausage plate
And said that I was bad
Pretending to be angry!
(I pretended to be sad.)

She tutted and she mumbled
And gave Chuck a piece of cheese.
I leaned on her with big eyes
And said “Mom forgive me please”.


She did of course.



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