Silly Huh?

Humans say some very strange things about dogs sometimes. Think that don’t make sense to me at all. And they refuse to explain anything!! It’s very perplexing to me.


For example.

When someone has a headache due to having a rather good time the night before, (and I am casting no aspersions about my Mom), there is always someone who will say “you need the ‘hair of the dog’ “.

For dogs sake why??

How is pulling out my hair going to help a headache? Preposterous!!!

Mind you, if you leave the hair on the dog and just hug the dog, then that might work? Pawhugs heal almost anything!!

Then, when someone is being mean, they call them a ‘dog in a manger’.

Now just think about that for a minute. Why is that dog lying in a manger in the first place? Personally I think it is because the poor dog is deprived! He has no sofa of his own, does he! If he had a sofa, he would not even think of lying on a bunch of hay!!!


They do say that ‘Only mad dogs and English men ‘ go out in the mid day sun. What nonsense!!!

I love lying in the sun. Am I mad?  Oh. No.  Please don’t answer that question unless it is to agree with me, else I will get a complex. 

His bark is worse than his bite. 

Do I even need to go on?  

How can someone yapping in your ear be worse than him taking a chunk out of your leg? How ridiculous. Let me tell you, I put up with Charlie yapping away about nothing, all day long and it’s not much fun. But I would be more than a little bit upset if he bi20140409_192148-1t me!!! A bite has got to be much worse!

Humans can be really dumb.

And why oh why oh why do they call bad girls Bitches? I’m a bitch and I ain’t a bad girl. I object to what I am being used as an insult! It’s just not fair! It’s as bad as saying wicked people ‘behave like animals’. Animals would never do the kind of things that some of these people do!

All in all I think humans are not very sensible. They talk a lot of nonsense.



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