This is a little poem I made up this morning while watching Mom make breakfast. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time!


I had a piece of toast today
But it wasn’t meant for me.
It landed near me on the floor
And disappeared, you see.

My mouth, already open,
Was ready as it landed,
My jaws closed automatically
Mom couldn’t understand it!

She had her back to me, you see
And didn’t see it fall.
And when she turned around to look
There was no trace at all!

I lay there looking innocent
She stared with narrowed eyes
I so tried not to chew at all
And much to my surprise,

She finally retreated
And turned back to the grill
Put in another slice of bread
(A point to me, one-nil. )

Usually I’m caught chewing
With crumbs about the place
The evidence so plain to see
She knows it by my face!

Today I scored a victory!
I chuckled for a while.
Until I noticed Mom, that is,
Trying not to smile.

Hmmmmmm, I think she knew. Maybe I am not as clever as I thought!!



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