Well. What an exciting two weeks we have had! So many things have happened on Moms holibob! First she had her day out to Sherwood Forest, then we had WoofstockUK.

After WoofstockUK we had a day at the seaside! We went from our hotel to Hive Beach, a dog friendly place which was very pretty.


We were allowed off lead and we loved it! I strolled along at the waters edge for quite a way. I didn’t run though because the sand was very pebbly! I did dip my toes in the surf though!


We walked for a while and we found a miniature StoneHenge on the beach! Funny because we passed the real one on the way home!


We were there most of the day, the humans had coffee and cakes in the little café and I got very tired! I slept on the drive back to the hotel!


While we were there, the Red Arrows did a fly past. They were very loud and went past very quickly! The humans got very excited about it!!

They did the flypast on their way to the Bournemouth air display, where a pilot died four years ago. His story is HERE

On Monday we went home. Marjo left for the Netherlands, Jo-An for America and the others to their homes in England.

We took Ginger home with us! She is from America, her dog is Mollie who is one of my Twitter friends.

She is lovely and hadn’t been to England before. Mom took her to Oxford one day and then on Wednesday they went to Warwick Castle together!

Some of the pictures are here – Link

I think she enjoyed her stay with us, we certainly enjoyed having her stay. It seems amazing to me that I can make friends on Twitter, with a dog in America and then actually meet their Mom for real!

I love Social Media!!

Ginger left for the airport on Friday and on Saturday Mom went back to work.

The two weeks went by quickly, too quickly for me. Roll on next holibobs!



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