WoofstockUK 2015

Last weekend was WoofstockUK, a dog event for dogs, their hmans, and people who like dogs. This was the second one, and we had been looking forward to it all year! Last year Mom went by herself but this year she had promised that me and Charlie could go too!


We drove down to Dorset on Friday, it took ages but me and Charlie were very well behaved and slept most of the way.

When we arrived at the hotel, Mom took us both inside. This was an amazing hotel which welcomed dogs everywhere except the fancy restaurant. We even slept on the big bed with Mom!!


Lots of my twitter friends came too, and met us at the hotel, Lu, Maggs, Jo-An, Ginger, Marjo and Heather came with Shayna and Murphy, my sweet whippet twitter pals! We had a lovely evening with dinner and chatting, and a walk in the fields. It was so good for us all to be together!

Early on Saturday morning though, when we were fast asleep, there was a loud noise that woke us all up! Mom jumped and got dressed very quickly! She took us outside, half asleep and there were other people standing in the garden. I thought this was a bit odd, but Mom said the noise was a fire alarm! Luckily it was a false alarm, and much to her embarrassment, it turned out that mollies Mom set it off with her shower!!! That made us all laugh!

The following morning was Saturday, WoofstockUK Day! After a lovely long leisurely breakfast, we all set off in the cars! It wasn’t very far and we were all very excited.

When we arrived, and got out of the car, we saw Chelsea with her Mom, and then Normy with his sister Maddie! It was really cool to meet friends that I talk to most days on Twitter! They all felt like family! We had a bit of a chat and a good sniff, and then wandered around the stalls for a while.


There were food stalls, and stalls selling cute things for dogs. Mom bought some coasters with greyhounds on, and some tombola tickets! Of course my good friend Amas Mom Marjo had her AmmysDelight stall there too, and we lingered there a lot to keep asking for samples, nom nom.

Then there were contests that we could enter. I entered ‘Best Pedigree Dog.’  There were lots of really pretty dogs in this class, and I was the only greyhound. Much to my amazement I won first prize! I couldn’t believe it, I was so proud!!! I got a lovely yellow rosette and a goody bag. My friends cheered and clapped and I felt like a princess!


Later on, me and Charlie both entered the ‘Best Rescue Dog’ class. The lady spoke to both of us and asked our stories and to our amazement she chose Charlie as the winner! I was very proud of my little brother.

We both got a rosette and a goody bag, and Charlie got a special prize of a box donated by AmmysDelight, including this fantastic cookie bone!

We were very, very proud dogs that day, and Mom had a huge smile on her face all afternoon.

We met a lot of dogs and their humans that day. I can’t remember all of their names but it was very exciting and we had all got very tired by the afternoon.

The photos can be found on this LINK

After all the classes had finished, and the show was over, there were lots of well deserved thank yous for the people who had organised it. it had taken a long time and lots of effort, we were all very grateful.

After we helped Marjo pack up the AmmysDelight stall, we went back to the hotel and had a lovely dinner. We were all very tired, and I fell asleep under the table! WoofstockUK 2015 had been a great success.

That evening we made plans for the following day. We all decided that we would like to go to the beach! But that is a whole different story.



3 thoughts on “WoofstockUK 2015

  1. Whoa! What a weekend. Congratulations to you & Charlie. I know you both deserved to win. The pics are so lovely. Wow, that Shayna & Murphy are beautiful pups! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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