Moms Day Out

This weekend, Mom had a lovely day out with her brother Tony. They do something different together every year around this time, but today, August 18th, is actually the special day. Mom doesn’t usually talk about it much, but today is Kidney Day.

On Saturday, Mom and Tony went out for the day.


They met up on the edge of Sherwood Forest and went quad-biking in the woods, up and down hills, over bumps and through big muddy puddles. Mom loved it, she had never done that before so it was another thing to tick off her list! (whatever that means)

Then they went to the Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre and saw the Major Oak. This is a really old tree in a clearing, that Robin Hood is supposed to have held meetings in! It is said that the tree is 1150 years old!!


I guess there is no way of knowing how old it really is, unless they cut it down and count the rings, which is not going to happen!

They had a lovely walk through the woods, took lots of photographs, and chatted.

While she was there, Mom hugged a tree.

I don’t know why, I guess she just liked it! There were a lot of trees there so I’m not sure what was special about that one!!wpid-20150815_115853-1-1.jpg

After their walk in the woods, Mom and Tony had lunch in a pub called The Robin Hood Inn. (Very appropriate!)

They meet up every year on Kidney Day, some years they go on holiday, sometimes just a day trip, but they always do something, to celebrate a special day.

Kidney Day

Nine years ago today, Mom and Tony were both in hospital.

Tony had been poorly, because his kidneys weren’t working properly, and the doctors said he needed a new one. Luckily my Mom had two good ones, and she only needed one, so she gave him one of hers.

They had been talking with the doctors at the special hospital unit in Birmingham for quite a long time. Mom had to have a lot of tests and checks before the operation could go ahead, they had to make sure that she was fit and well.

There is some interesting information in this NHS Link

Mom was only in hospital for a few days and soon recovered. Tony stayed in a little longer, but the operation had gone really well, so he was soon home. He will always be on medication and have regular check ups, but he is remarkably healthy considering.

Mom has noticed no difference in her health from only having one kidney, so it goes to show that you only need one!! I wonder why people are born with two?

There are a lot of people out there with kidney disease, and not everyone is able to get a family member who can donate, so, humans, I would ask that you consider carrying a donor card. Once you don’t need your kidneys any more, you might be able to help someone who does.


Info about kidney disease

About the kidneys

Kidney Research


5 thoughts on “Moms Day Out

  1. Well done mom for giving her kidney to her brother. My mum carries a donor card and wouldn’t hesitate in donating my little humans organs should the situation ever arise. Even though she would lose a child she thinks that if another family can still have their child it’s worth it xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s one of the greatest stories ever. What a wonderful thing to do. I only have one question. You’re comment “so when you don’t need your kidneys anymore” when would that be exactly.

    Liked by 1 person

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