WoofstockUK 2015

It is only a couple of weeks until me, Mom and Charlie pack the car for our long journey down to Dorset, for the biggest date on our summer calendar this year, WoofstockUK. I am very excited to be going this year, as last time Mom left me and Charlie at home and went by herself!

I should point out that WoofstockUK is an event for dogs. wpid-img_20150804_161255.jpg

It is for dogs, about dogs, and is even hosted by a dog, Spaniel Harry, who is a bit of a superstar. He did a fine job last year, the very first WoofstockUK, so I am very excited to be making the trip this August. There will be lots of stalls selling doggy things, dog shows, and classes, demonstrations, and lots of food and drink stalls.

I shall definitely be entering the ‘fastest sausage eating contest’!! I am a dead cert winner!!! 

Most importantly for me, it is an occasion to meet up with lots of other dogs and their owners. A mass tweet-up in fact! 

Last year, Mom met lots and lots of the dogs that I talk to every week on Twitter, and I was so jealous when she came home with photographs of my friends, that I insisted she take me with her this time. I am so looking forward to seeing if I can recognise all my twitter friends that are going!

I am extra excited, because I know that I will finally get to meet Shay and Murphy, my bestest whippets! I wonder who else will be there?


My lovely Indigo Abbey necklace!

Although the day is especially for dogs, we allow our humans to come too, as we do need them to provide the transport, pay for the hotel, and buy us stuff at the show. They are also quite useful at keeping us well stocked with treats, water and to carry the shopping. (I do hope mine behaves herself!)

Mom says it is a long way to travel, and I don’t suppose I will enjoy the journey very much, but it will be worth it, because when we get there, we will meet Winnies Mom  again, and Mollies Mom too! Both are coming all the way from America for a visit, and I am looking forward to all the special intercontinental cuddles!

How amazing is that?wpid-img_20150804_164646.jpg

One of the stalls at WoofstockUK is run by a very special lady who is coming from the Netherlands with buckets full of Ammys Delights biscuits, some of my favourites! If you haven’t tried them, let me tell you, they are DELICIOUS! Come and save postage by stocking up!

Winnies Mom, who runs Indigo Abbey Jewelry will also have her wonderful Dog Jewelry there too!  Get yourself a lovely necklace like mine!! Why not?

All in all, WoofstockUK is a jolly good day out, if you are a dog, if you have a dog or two, if you would like to have a dog, or even if you just like dogs!! 

SO come along, meet me and Charlie, and lots of other dogs from twitter, and lots of dogs who are not yet on twitter but should be!

See you there!


P.S. Directions on how to get there are on the WoofstockUK Website www.woofstockuk.co.uk


5 thoughts on “WoofstockUK 2015

  1. This might be my favorite blog. You are very funny. Right from the top “I should point out that …” Very funny. Anyway I am so looking forward to seeing you again BELLA even tho I can’t take Winnie with me. He will BELLA there in spirit. Oh and thank you for the mention of Indigo Abbey Jewelry.

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