My Room.

My room was getting a little scruffy looking recently, partly because I’m messy, but mostly because it’s the utility room and gets used a lot. So Mom decided to decorate it!

There were some bits she had to fix with filler.

The reason for that is a whole different story. An old story involving me, the cat, the bath, and a waste pipe which got accidentally broken.

The less said, the better.


My room was pale grey with one green wall. The green, was paint left over from the kitchen, and there was none of that left, so we had to choose a new colour for that wall!

I chose pink of course!

After Mom had filled the holes and made it smooth again, she started painting. I supervised closely.


She painted the whole of that wall pink.

The bit at the top caused Mom to say a few words I can’t spell, and lots of sighing. Apparently it’s hard to paint a straight line when you are up a ladder!

After the pink was finished she painted all the wood bits with really smelly white paint.

This stayed sticky for ages. As I discovered.


Mom picked off the black hairs from the white paint with not much more than a quiet sigh.

Then, because there were now little spots of paint all over the floor, as well as dirty pawprints, she scrubbed the floor too.


I have to say, it looks very pretty now, especially with my new treat tin and my boa!

I like my new pink wall. Mom does too. I just hope she doesn’t decide to paint the whole house again though, because it is exhausting to watch!!



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