The Tree’s Gone

Mom has been making some changes around the place recently! The biggest one so far is the tree in the garden, which no longer looks like a tree, but which Mom says will be back. Like the Terminator!

It was amazing to watch!

The men were very clever, and very brave! Well, one was brave, the one who climbed up the tree and swung around like Tarzan! His name was Angus. 


First they put a big strap round the bottom of the tree, which had a winch attached. Then Angus climbed the tree and tied the ropes to the branches. He used these to tie himself to the tree!

Probably a good idea!


Then he started chopping off branches. They landed on the lawn, Richard and Chris dragged them across the lawn and round the house to the big tree eating shredder!

More and more branches came down, some little, some big. Some had to have ropes tied around them so they could be lowered down safely without landing in the other gardens, or breaking the fence.

It looked very dangerous from down on the ground, and soon the garden was full of leaves!


The tree was getting thinner and thinner, and the garden was getting messier and messier, there were leaves everywhere


Charlie and me were watching from the window and were itching to get out and help. It was very frustrating!

However, after a while, when the tree eater had chewed up lots of branches, Mom made them all a cup of coffee. Angus came down from the tree and they had a break.

Me and Charlie were allowed out to explore. After a good sniff and a play in the leaves, we both got a bit of fuss, and I almost stole Richards Lunch, but he was too fast for me!!

It wasn’t long before they got back to work, and we had to go back inside. 


wpid-20150721_175927-1.jpg They cut down lots more branches before it was time for them to pack up for the day and they drove away with our tree in teeny little pieces in the back of their truck!.

The lovely guys from

The lovely guys from

They left the garden looking a right mess!

Mom was a little worried the next morning when she left for work, but they promised that they would finish pollarding the tree and leave the garden looking tidy.

Me and Charlie watched them and made sure they worked hard. 

The rest of the branches came down, they all got eaten by the tree machine and they cleared away all of their tools except for one.

A huge blowing machine!

They cleared away every single leaf until the garden looked better than it had in months!!! It was spotless!

Mom had a lovely surprise when she came home and found a tidy tree stump, a huge pile of lovely logs, and a spotless lawn!!

She was happy.wpid-20150722_180028-1.jpg

It may look really weird at the moment, but for those of you who doubt, (mainly Americans) I can promise you that it will grow again, it is not dead, just sleeping. It is called Pollarding, and has been carried out on quite a few tree varieties here in England, for centuries. 




Youtube video


2 thoughts on “The Tree’s Gone

  1. Fabulous blog BELLA. Yes we read all about pollardizing & it has been done for centuries. Who knew? Not us that’s for sure. I’m sure the tree is fine and I’m looking forward to seeing it sprout out next spring.

    Liked by 1 person

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