Making Plans

Things have changed a fair bit around here recently, and Mom has finally started doing the things that she has been planning to do since she bought this house three years ago. As you know, she made a shed this week. That was just the beginning…..

Now I like my garden, it has a big lawn to run about on and a few bushes where me and Charlie can play hide and seek. There’s a small patio with a table and chairs where Mom sits in the summer and a HUGE tree at the end of the garden.

It was big when we moved here but now it is ridiculously tall. The squirrels www.samsbellabob.wordpress.comand birds play up there and laugh at us, so far down below. In Autumn it’s leaves swamp our garden and all the surrounding gardens too!! 

So Mom has decided to do something about it. 

She has spoken to a very nice man who knows all about trees. She has asked him to ‘Pollard’ the tree. I think this means to chop the top off!!

She says it will look weird for a while but will stay smaller for a few years. I’m glad she’s not chopping it down completely, because me and Charlie play chase around the trunks!.

The second thing she plans to do, is to knock down the garage!! Sounds extreme but I have to agree with her. It’s ugly and bits keep falling off!

wpid-20150711_180749-1.jpgThe doors don’t fit properly and it is behind the house so I don’t see how anyone could ever get a car in it! And I want more room to run around! The thing is, it’s going to take a lot of work and Mom expects me to help!!

What am I?  A donkey?

Now I have no objection to supervising, I’m good at that, I am happy to inspect her work and tell her what she is doing wrong, and even to lick better any hammer-inflicted wounds, but there is no way I am getting my paws dirty!

Either way, the garage is coming down.

Mom says once it’s down, she will have a new big patio. Maybe with a big brick barbecue! So she can have parties in the garden, with plenty of room for everybody! That sounds good to me. You always have sausages at barbecues.

Lots of people have volunteered to help with the demolition, so the first barbecue will be like a thank you party!

SO, lots going on here this summer, keeping Mom busy can only be a good thing, Less time to ponder on things, and it keeps her out of trouble.

I am hoping she decides to decorate my room too! I quite fancy some pretty pink paint and pictures on the wall of cute boy greyhounds!! I shall keep nagging and hope for the best. I usually get my way.


PS Mom built the shed in the wrong place and now has to move it before the tree comes down. Dumb huh?


7 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. Wow, Bella, lots of interesting changes. Hope you get that shed moved easily enough! Taking down the garage will be great and give you lots more room. Great idea in deed!

    I have to day, I am quite proud of your mom Bella! I know it’s not easy but you and Charlie and mom are really making some wonderful changes to your backyard.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your little story! You are in my prayers x

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  2. Sounds like really nice plans BELLA but how will she move the shed? Anyway we never thought topping off a desiduous tree was a good idea but I guess if the man says so it’s ok. We thought they always needed a header to stay alive. I learn something new every day. Love this story. Thank you.

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  3. Lovely to know that mum is getting on with things. Pollarding is a great way to kerb growth, make the tree look pretty and finally, the end product – wood will be amazingly beautiful see poppy oak, poppy elm all gorgeous

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