Mom had a sudden urge last weekend to buy a shed. A shed that comes in flat pack form and requires 2 “men” to build. I do wonder what goes through a humans mind sometimes!

So she went on the internet and bought a shed. Just like that.

Later that day, a “self assembly shed” was delivered. Actually it was several big bits of wood and a bag full of bits and pieces but apparently that’s normal.

There didn’t appear to be any instructions!.


It didn’t look at all like a shed to me!! Mom scratched her head and looked a little unsure too, but sounded very confident when she told me that it couldn’t be that difficult.

On Tuesday, her day off, she walked past the wood pile a few times, looking at them with a determined look on her face. She kept muttering about where to begin.

When her friend Sylvia arrived after lunch they finally got started.

They moved the wood into several piles, as if they knew what they were doing, and that’s when they found the instructions, taped to the back of the door!

They both looked immensely relieved.

They studied the piece of paper for a few minutes and looked a bit happier.


They fixed the door to the frame. Stage one was easy.


Stage two was where they came unstuck.

They had to hold up the back and one side and screw them together. Sounds easy, right? Only they could not get the screws to go into the wood.

Mom tried, Sylvia tried, they even let me try. I was not very helpful.


The sides kept wobbling and wouldn’t stay put and the screws just wouldn’t go into the wood! But then they came up with the idea of drilling a small hole in the wood first.

This was looking more promising for a while. They got all excited when the first screw slowly went in. Then Mom broke the drill bit.

She got a bit flustered at that point and started saying that it was impossible. Mom looked so sad and grumpy that I went and gave her a hug, which made her feel much better I think.

They had a cup of coffee and then decided to try again.

They went out to buy some more drill bits but instead they came back with some magic screws and a new screwdriver!!

It worked!

They soon had the first two sides screwed together and at last it started to look like a shed!


In no time at all, they had all four sides in place and had nailed it to the floor.

When I pointed out the fact that there weren’t many straight lines on this shed, Mom laughed and said it was the “rustic effect!”


It had no roof yet and was a bit wobbly, but by then it was getting late so they decided to finish it after work the next day. And then the next day too. It ended up taking a lot longer than they had thought!


They put some funny smelling stuff on the roof and me and Charlie helped by getting in the way a lot.

They didn’t seem to mind.


Eventually, it was finished!

It wasn’t very big and it was in completely the wrong place, but Mom didn’t seem to mind at all! She had never built a shed before and was very pleased with herself!

I must admit, that as long as you don’t inspect it too closely, it looks great!!


One more thing ticked off Moms list of things to do. There are lots of things on that list, I wonder what will be next?



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