Save The Sausage

I have had had a few comments about my last blog which has me worried. What if the shops really did run out of sausages? What on earth would we do?How would be cope?

A while ago, I dreamed up the idea of owning a sausage factory one day, so Mom wouldn’t have to keep buying them!

I even got a saving cup in the post from a bank, to help me start saving! wpid-20150502_151333-1.jpg

(There’s not much in there, I keep spending the money on sausages!)

It seems now that maybe I was unknowingly planning ahead.

I have noticed recently, that everywhere, there are adverts for ‘healthy’ food, and exercise classes. A lot of food says ‘low fat’ on it and there are lots of labels on food saying ‘better for you’. I have heard talk about banning adverts for Coca-Cola and sweets, fatty food and ready meals.

The wheels are turning.

What if one day, the health police decided to ban sausages? They have fat in them, that’s why they taste so good! Low fat sausages are horrible! Vegetarian ones are worse!

Sausages would go underground.

Mom would have to buy them on the Black Market!!

They would become really expensive and Mom might stop buying them altogether!

So I have decided to save up for my own sausage factory. I think it might take a while, but of I give up Wonky Chomps, and look after my sqweekies so Mom can just give me the money, instead of buying me new ones, it will be quicker!

What do you think? A good idea?

I could supply them to all of my dog friends, and start a campaign:

“Save The Sausage”

It might never happen, the world may not collapse, in a heap of sad and skinny people, but a hound has to plan ahead. I will be prepared!!




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