It’s a funny old world. Things happen that you don’t expect, sometimes things change forever yet some things stay the same. Some words can be rewritten, others carved in stone.

Life’s like a box of chocolates
As Forrest Gump once said
You take a chance, make a choice
Sleep where you’ve made your bed.

Sometimes you can rewind life,
And have a second go
To have another try at things
Might work, you never know.

Like stuffie toys, bits missing
Can be fixed good as new
Never quite the same again
But if they squeak, they’ll do.

Some flowers in the garden
Looking lovely till we play
Get trampled, and look awful
But bloom again one day.

But sausages, once eaten
Can’t come back anymore
You have to get some new ones
That’s what the shops are for.

So work out what’s repairable
And throw out what is not
Just try not to destroy things
But value what you’ve got.

Because one day the shop might run out of sausages.



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