He’s Gone

This weekend has been very difficult. I don’t really understand humans but I know by the tension, and the way Mom is behaving, that something bad happened.

They have had a few rows in the past but nothing like this one.

Friday night Mom exploded.

She went crazy and I think it was over some messages she had received on Facebook. From someone Dad knew.

Dad had done something really bad.

I didn’t understand what it was all about but me and Charlie watched as Mom shouted, then cried, then shouted again. She pointed at the door and told Dad to leave her house. And he left.

He never came back.

Moms children came over for a while and they talked. Then they left.

Mom stayed up really late that night. She went through all the cupboards and rooms upstairs and she was talking to herself the whole time.

She put lots of stuff in bags and left them in the hall. Dad’s things, there wasn’t much.

She eventually sat down on the sofa and she looked so very sad, that me and Charlie climbed up too and cuddled her until she fell asleep.

Saturday was very strange.

Mom sat in the garden drinking coffee and staring into space almost all day. She sniffed a few times and kept giving me really tight cuddles.

I tweeted as if nothing had happened but everything had changed.

Saturday night Mom watched TV for a while and then took lots of photos of weird objects. She tweeted a little, as I did. But my heart wasn’t in it.

I was very worried.

Then this morning she had another message from a friend on Facebook and this time she burst into tears.

My nose on her hand didn’t help at all. Charlie’s kisses didn’t help. Nothing helped.

Mom typed something on the computer, a post on Facebook, and then the phone rang. It didn’t stop ringing all day.

Mom spoke to so many people today, and she looks so very sad one minute, and angry the next. Then sad again.

I don’t know where Dad went, but to tell the truth, if he could do this to my Mom, then it’s a good job he didn’t come back!

Because I love my Mom and I hate to see her like this.

Dad is never coming back. I realise this. It seems that he was not the man we thought he was.

We have been alone before, and we can be alone again. Who needs a Dad?

I don’t.



13 thoughts on “He’s Gone

  1. Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry for the anger & sadness that Mom has. Now it’s up to you & Charlie to keep close to Mom & make her know you’re always gonna be there for her. I’m sure she already knows this. Moms are smart like that.

    We send lots of love & sloppy boxer kisses to You & Mom & Chuck. I’ll even work up a hug for Mom. Your friends are here to listen & for support. We love you. xoxo

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  2. Aww Bella I’m sorry to hear of all the heartache you, your mum and Charlie have had recently. I don’t have a dad either. He used to lie to mum about where he was and who he was with. Its just me, mum and the little humans in the house now and it’s so much happier (except when the little humans are naughty and annoy mum bol). I’m sending lots of tail wags to help cheer your mum up and lots of cuddles for you xxxx

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  3. Bella, I’m very sorry to read this and worried mum going through it. You and Charlie do help and you’ll make her smile. Sending love to all xx

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  4. Dear heart … This is beautifully written. I’m sorry about all that has happened. My mom has been talking with your mom quite a lot and We are glad that she has made moves to take care of herself. We don’t have a dad either because sometimes it’s just too hard. We are completely,happy with mom and I know you are too. So just be there for her as best u can with little Chuck and your family will be as happy as ever. So cuddle her every chance you get because she will need some extra cuddles. I love you Bella.

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  5. I am do deeply sorry. I am tearing up. I am here for you if you need me. You are in my thoughts. I will say a prayer for you and mom and Charlie. Big warm hugs xx

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