Clever Bella

Today Mom gave me a challenge. She had the day off work and had some housework to do, so said I needed to be kept busy. I was given a task to complete, which she hoped would take me all morning.


She asked me if I could make my name out of things I found in the garden!

Now I am not one to refuse a challenge, and even though I wasn’t sure where to start, I got looking straight away. The “L”s we’re easy. I found lots of those and just had to decide which ones to use!

I kinda cheated with the “A” because I found some sticks under the tree that looked almost right, I just had to nudge them a little with my nose to make it perfect.

The “e” I found in a couple of places and I wasn’t sure which one to use at first, do I write in capitals or not? I decided to use a mixture!

The “B” though was a real challenge!!

Not many “B”s in nature, I thought. I might have to play around a little.

I tried flower pots, but they didn’t look right. I also tried leaves! But again, not quite good enough.

Then when I had almost given up, I spotted it!


A little bit of cropping and I had it!

Well, what do you think?


A lot has happened since I wrote this and me and Mom have been trying to stay busy.

We took a few more pictures!!

Now I made a Charlie too!


And something we all need more of.


Bella x


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