What Do You Want?

People all have very different ideas on what is important, their tastes are different, it is what makes life interesting for them I guess. Dogs dreams are somewhat different.


Some women like their handbags,
While others love their shoes
Save up for ones they fancy
Or roam the shops to choose.
Some men like techy gadgets
The must have latest toys
They want what is the fashion
To keep up with “the boys”
Some guys are into football
For others it is cars,
Some dream of being astronauts
And travelling to Mars.
Some girls like lots of make-up,
New clothes to wear each day,
They dream of perfect boyfriends,
A rich one who will pay.
So many ‘things’ are wanted
But few are based on need
Confused of what’s important,
The stores encourage greed.

I’m just a simple greyhound
My needs are very few
A home with basic comforts
Maybe a toy or two.
I want someone to love me
A sofa of my own
Good food to fill my tummy
And now and then a bone.
The rest I have I’m glad of
I’m grateful, truth be told,
(They make life more exciting
And warm me when I’m cold.)

I do not waste my precious time
With dreams of things to seek,
I just enjoy the life I have
Each day of every week



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