Sad Sunday

Mom went out today with Dad. On a Sunday! This is supposed to be our day with them so we were not too happy! However…..


This morning we had sausages
For breakfast, as you do,
We didn’t suspect anything
Until ten thirty two.
It was that time precisely
That Mom picked up her keys
And walked towards the door with Dad
As casual as you please.

I got a bit suspicious
When she sidled to the door
She wouldn’t look me in the eye
I stood there, one raised paw.
And suddenly it dawned on me
That she’s be gone a while
It was the way she looked at me
That sad, forced, guilty smile.

I tried the big eyed look on her,
For once she didn’t cave
She said “we won’t be long you two,
Now please be good, behave”
And then she went and left us!
We stood there, lowered heads
Until the door was firmly shut
And then went to our beds.

The time went by quite quickly,
It does when you’re asleep,
I snoozed away the morning
While Charlie counted sheep.
He hardly sleeps at all, that boy
He guards the house so well
(We’ve never had a burglar
So even they can tell!)

A good few hours later
We heard Moms car arrive
(We know the sound her car makes
When it pulls onto the drive)
We both got so excited,
Our happy dances crazed!
We jumped and barked like puppies
But Mom and Dad weren’t fazed.

They managed to get past us
With pats and hugs galore
And when the doggy bag appeared
I’d never loved them more!!
The beef and roasted turkey
Was a feast fit for a king!
We ate it in the garden
And we didn’t leave a thing!

They may have left us home today,
But it wasn’t all that bad
The doggy bag was worth It
We love you, Mom and Dad.

Don’t we Charlie?



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