The Dogs Trust Shop

Today I went for a little trip in the car. It wasn’t far, but I had promised a nice lady that I would go visit a shop in Shipston. A shop which sells things to make money to help needy dogs. It was a Dogs Trust Shop.

Capture dog trust

I know a little about The Dogs Trust of course. They are a big charitable organisation in the UK, which helps dogs which are homeless, or abused, or abandoned. They have 1009 dogs at the moment that need rehoming!

They promise to never put down a healthy dog. 

They were founded in 1891 and originally they were called The National Canine Defence League. Their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.This seems like a very fine plan to me!  LINK

They also run some interesting projects, they have the Hope Project, which helps the dogs belonging to homeless people, and the Freedom Project, which fosters dogs when their owners are having bad things happen at home.

They also have a scheme, The Canine Care Plan which means that you can register your dog with them, and if you die, and there is no one to care for your dog, the Dogs Trust will make sure that your dogs are cared for properly!

They rehomed 14895 dogs last year!image

But as they are a charity, they have to rely on the kindness of humans to help them. This means that they have to raise money so that there is always someone to help when there is a dog in trouble somewhere.

Hence the Dogs Trust Shops, like the one I visited today!

I went in the car with Mom to Shipston, a small town a half hours drive away. Mom parked the car and we wandered through the town to the shop. On the way, we met an older lady, who was a little unsteady on her legs. When she saw me, her eyes lit up!

She said could she please stroke me!

Well, I am never one to say no to a bit of fuss, so we stood a while and chatted to her. She told us that she had had greyhounds when she was younger, and that she missed them! She was really nice so I let her rub my ears for a while, until she had to go. (that happens to me a lot)

Then we walked down to the Dogs Trust Shop and went inside. 

imageAs we walked in, a very nice lady called Carol smiled at me and said “You must be Bella” It seems that she knew we were coming! The kind lady on their Twitter account had told her!  (Thanks Aunty Sausage!)

Carol offered me a treat from a bowl under the counter, which was very nice indeed, and then we had a look around the shop. There were lots of interesting things which people had donated, clothes, hats and books! Mom took some photos and chatted to the ladies, before we chose a few things to take home.

We got some fluffy toys for me and Charlie, a dog card game, and a mug, a purse for Mom and a sticker for the car. 

Then I had my picture taken with the Dogs Trust Dog! He didn’t say much, probably because he had a ball in his mouth, but he looked friendly enough!image

We felt that we had helped a little, we put some money in the collection box too, so maybe that will make all the difference to one small dog somewhere, the difference between him having a happy future and a bleak one.

I certainly hope so.

We can all make a difference. Every little bit of help, whether it is donating things to the shop that you don’t want any more, or spending a few pounds there. You can donate your time, if you live near one of the rehoming centres, helping with caring for the dogs, or walking them even.

I did my bit today.



5 thoughts on “The Dogs Trust Shop

  1. I love this story & this place. Makes me want to start something. I was particularly interested in helping dogs that belong to homeless people. Now that would be a great non profit to start. I’ll have to think about that one.

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  2. Wow, what a great place. You are so loving & caring & it makes me love you even more when I read a post like this. Keep up the good work Sisfur. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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