Where Did He Go?

We have had a mystery in our house for the past month or so, which has finally been explained! Late at night, just before Mom and Dad go to bed, me and Charlie go outside for last minute garden duty.

A few times, Charlie has disappeared!

It’s very strange because our garden is completely fenced in, and there is no way even someone as teeny as Charlie could escape!


The first time this happened, Mom panicked! She ran around in the dark, poking under every bush, calling his name really loudly, but he was nowhere to be seen! He was gone for about five minutes, then just as Mom was pulling her hair out, he suddenly reappeared by the back door, looking very nervous!

He had a very sheepish look on his face!

Mom cuddled him, and made a big fuss about how glad she was to see him, as you do! I was just glad I could go to sleep at last!

A few weeks  later, it happened again!

Mom and Dad searched everywhere, but couldn’t find him. I rolled my eyes, I knew where he was but I didn’t say anything, I wanted to see what happened!

Just as Mom was getting cross, Charlie appeared from the direction of the garage.

I say garage, but it is more like a half tumbledown shed, full of lots of weird and wonderful smelling things. Mom didn’t see him emerge from the small hole in the door, but I did!

Mom only spotted him as he ran towards the back door and grabbed him quick. She picked him up and took him inside to bed, making a big fuss of him again.

The next day, Mom and Dad checked all around the garden but couldn’t see any holes in the fence, which is very high. There is no way he could have got over it, even I couldn’t jump that high!

They looked more than a bit puzzled.

This happened a few more times, not very often, but now and then, and eventually Dad caught him coming out of the garage! He told Mom and they decided to have a tidy up in the morning.

The next day was Sunday, and they spent the whole day emptying the garage and cleaning it. They threw out lots of stuff that was old and musty, but looked interesting, and stacked everything else in tidy piles down the sides or on the shelves.

There were summer chairs, garden tools, a huge wood pile and lots of plant pots, even a bicycle! Me and Charlie had a good sniff of everything, before it was all put away.

Nothing happened for a while, but then Charlie disappeared again!

Mom and Dad went straight into the garage with their torches but he was nowhere to be seen! They checked the woodpile, no Charlie.

In the end, in desperation, Dad got down on his hands and knees and checked under the tiny cupboard where Mom keeps her plant pots. And there he was! In a tiny little space barely big enough for a mouse! In fact it was so small that Dad couldn’t get him out!

Mom called him, Dad called him, but he stayed put. Mom was getting quite cross by this time, it was very late, and dark, and she wanted to go to bed! But she gave in, and went to the kitchen to get some cheese.

Charlie came straight out for the cheese of course, and we all went to bed.

We don’t know why Charlie goes in that little tiny hole, it is just bare concrete under a wooden cupboard a few inches high! We have never seen any mice in there for him to chase, or anything that smells good, but he seems to just like it!


The door is fixed now, so it won’t happen again, it shall remain a mystery that only Charlie knows the answer to!



7 thoughts on “Where Did He Go?

  1. Very perplexing. Maybe just likes a smell that is there or just liked the spot, not sure. It must have been scary, such a small spot.. Glad He Is ok.

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  2. How interesting that Charlie would do that! It would have driven Moms mad!! I’m glad the mystery was finally solved and sorry your Mom had to go through all of that. But then we love you all to the moon and back. 💖

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