An Ode To Charlie

I had certain expectations when Charlie came to live with us. Until then, I was an only dog. I had all the treats to myself, I never had to share Moms attention, except with Dad of course, and had the best spot on the sofa. Things never happen quite the way you think they will!


“I have a bone to pick with you”
I said to Charles today,
I thought I would be top dog
When at first you came to stay.

‘Cos I am big and you are small
I’m older than you too!
Yet now I’ve come to realise
That I give way to you!

It’s not what I expected
When at first we brought you home
That I, the big, black greyhound
Would come second to a gnome!

You are not very big, my boy
But in your tiny brain
You think you are a giant,
A masterful Great Dane.

You’re not though, you’re a Yorkie
You hardly reach my knee
Yet somehow you’re the bossy one
And where does that leave me?

I let you take my bones and toys
And though it drives me crazy
Its easier to let you strutt
Because I’m far too lazy.

So carry on, I won’t complain,
I know it makes you happy,
And I’ll get satisfaction
Every time Mom calls you “Yappy”

She always calls me “Beautiful,
Or Bellabob, so maybe
You can be the bossy one,
And I’ll be Mommys “Baby”



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