Little One

I am a Greyhound. That means that I am bigger than the average pet dog, I am ‘not cute and fluffy’ and I do not have the sweet face of a golden retriever. However, I am a very good natured dog, I am calm (mostly) and gentle with humans. I am black, which seems to make me appear less friendly to some humans, though I have never really understood why. I like children.

I met a little human while out

On my walk today

He looked a little frightened

When I asked if I could play.


I told him I was gentle

And I nudged him with my nose

He smiled at me and giggled

When I licked his tiny toes.


I’ve never hurt a human

‘cos I’m gentle to the core

(except when quite by accident

I scratched one with my paw)


I love those little humans

And I only want to play

So please do not be scared of me

I’m a friendly hound, okay?

Racing greyhounds are sometimes seen wearing muzzles, and I know that in a lot of states in Australia, retired greyhounds have to wear them in public. This gives the impression that we are likely to bite! It does not make sense to me at all. Do other dogs have to wear muzzles? Are greyhounds more likely to bite someone than any other breed? I can’t believe that is true. So tell me, why is is so?



4 thoughts on “Little One

  1. Mum muzzles me when we go out as our road is like cat city but she’ll take it off when we get to the park. It doesn’t stop some people from being frightened of me though and they’ll tug their dog away from me even though I only want to make friends and play. Although the other day when we were out we met some lovely people who were quite happy to stroke me and let their dog play with me and even a little human that was smaller than my little human. I may be a big dog but I’m very lovable if people could only see that. Xxx

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