Feeling Blue

I am feeling a bit down today, but I am not one to complain. I don’t make a fuss, because I am sure that no one would understand. (I don’t think anyone is aware of my secret addiction .)

The freezer has no sausages
The fridge is empty too
My bowl is looking all forlorn
What is a hound to do.

Mom says she can’t go shopping
Till Friday, after work
I’m not sure if she’s serious
(I’m sure she hid a smirk.)

She gave me half her sandwich
Said that would have to “do”
But nothing beats a sausage
So now I’m feeling blue.

I had my meat and kibble
My tummy’s full, it’s true
I can’t pretend I’m hungry
But I want a sausage too!

I could act sad and whimper
But that’s not how I am
I’m sure she’ll soon feel guilty
And share a slice of ham!

I cannot wait till Friday
I’ll try the big eyes stare
Then maybe she will find some
There must be some, somewhere!

There isn’t.

I will put on a brave face
And pretend I do not care
Cos I’m a happy houndy





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