#HoundsTakeCannock 2015

I went to Cannock Chase on Sunday for a meet up with lots of other houndies, most of whom I talk with on Twitter! It was a lovely day out.

We had to leave early as it is quite a long drive from my house, but it was definitely worth it. We took Charlie along too although I was a bit worried that some of my friends wouldn’t like him because he was about the same size as a rabbit.


When we arrived and got out of the car, we saw lots of familiar faces. I went to say hello happily but Mom carried Charlie at first, just in case he got into trouble.

Charlie yapped a lot.

Dad held onto his lead while I said hello to all of my friends. I nose nudged Ozzy the “honorary hound”, SpongeCake, Robbie, Millie and lots of others. Oscar the Spaniel was there too but all of the others we’re greyhounds and lurchers.

One greyhound, (his identity shall remain secret for reasons which are obvious,) gave Charlie a very pointed look.


I was a little bit worried, and was proved right, because when Charlie walked close to him he suddenly lunged


He tried to eat Charlie! Luckily Mom pulled him back quickly before any contact was made! She was very startled!

But I don’t think Charlie even noticed!!

After everyone had arrived, and were ready to go, we started walking. Eva and Nina went off lead, because they are very good girls, but the rest of us stayed on our leads. There were about 30 hounds there which was wonderful to see!

The weather was good and everyone seemed happy!

There was one hound there, who had just come out of kennels, who gave Charlie the “he’s a rabbit” eyes, so we kept well away from him.

As we were walking, we saw some people flying a kite, as it was windy, and we saw some other dogs, and lots of people riding bicycles. We even saw a small human driving a tiny little toy car! That looked fun!!


Mucky Lucky Eva!

Then Eva found a wonderful thing to roll in! It was delicious and she managed to spread it all over her!

We were all envious.

The humans of course thought very differently. They said she smelled awful! Humans have absolutely no taste!

We walked a very long way, and eventually we ended up back where we started from, at the little café. As it was Robbies 4th birthday that day, he was given some presents and I gave him the card I had made him.

Then we had a feast!


We had lots of sausages and cheese! The humans had cake and greyhound shaped cookies and everyone had lots to eat. We all mingled calmly and rubbed shoulders as if we had known each other all our lives.

Except Charlie and little Oscar, who had a barking competition. Boys huh!

Then it was time to go home.

We had a lovely day out but we were very tired and slept all the way home.



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