Minister of Hounds?

Well the general election is over for the humans and all the squabbling is dying down. People have left and others have got new jobs, but will anything change? And what about us houndies?

I have an idea!

I think we need a Minister for Houndies. I volunteer right now for the job!

If hounds had a say and could make up some laws
They’d come out in droves and would vote with their paws.

We’d change greyhound racing so not there for money
We’d run if we wanted (and only when sunny.)

With prizes for roaching and just being pretty
A fun day for everyone, no need for pity.

They wouldn’t breed hundreds for one that is fast
The days of cold kennels a thing of the past.

All hounds could have sofas and homes of their own
A sofa to roach on and of course, their own phone.

They’d all be on twitter, and meet up each day
To talk about sausages, family and play.

There wouldn’t be thousands of hounds looking sad
All looking for loving, which they’d never had.

And none would go “missing”, with no one to care
Or bred to exhaustion to produce the next heir

Why are we different just because we are fast?
We’re dogs just the same so let’s give up the past.

If there weren’t so many, and we outlawed the betting
We’d be like all other dogs, just there for petting.

Greyhounds For Pets!


Do you agree?



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