Wonky Me

I am a greyhound, a breed apart, the only breed of dog mentioned in the bible, and with a pedigree which can be traced back for many generations. But still just a dog.


I had a little problem
With my ear the other day
Instead of standing up it
Folded over the wrong way.

I tried to shake it back but then
The other one played up
I looked a bit lop sided
Like a silly greyhound pup.

Sometimes my nose goes bendy too
I really don’t know why
I cannot stay unWonky
No matter how I try.

My paws are sometimes naughty
They do not do what I say
I try to jump up Mom and
Knock her over in my play.

But when I break into a run
It all falls in to place
My legs and body work in sinc
To move with perfect grace.

This hound was made for sprinting
Though never a race was run
But boy, it’s great to gallop
For the joy, and just for fun.

A greyhound should be able to run for fun and not for man’s profit.



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