A British Dog

We hear a lot on Social Media and on the internet about cruelty and the neglect of animals, and a lot of awful things happen to dogs, in the UK and around the world. However we do have some things to be grateful for, here in this country. 

We do not have Rabies in the UK.

It was wiped out in domestic animals many years ago, and we have very strict rules about dogs and cats, and some other animals, who enter the country. If they do not have all the right vaccinations and paperwork, then they have to be quarantined for six months!

That must be awful for the animals, but if it stops this horrible disease from infecting us, then it has to be a good thing.

Rabies is a very nasty disease which can be passed from animals to human beings, and it occurs in a lot of countries, including a large part of Europe. If you want to take your pet abroad, you have to get a special dog passport, and have injections, to show that you don’t have rabies.

For entry rules to the UK Click Herewww.samsbellabob.wordpress.com

Information about Rabies Click Here

It is against the law to dock a dogs tail in England.

There are some exceptions for certain working dogs, or if there is a medical problem, but you cannot chop off a dogs tail just because you think it looks better. I have never understood why anyone would want to do this anyway! I was born with a tail, it is there for a reason else why would I have one?

If humans thought children looked better with tiny ears, would it be acceptable to chop off babies ears?

Of course not! so why did people think it was okay to do it to puppies tails? Years ago they also used to cut some puppies ears with scissors to make them pointy! Can you imagine? 

These are the rules in England regarding docking.  Click Here

There are laws to punish people who are cruel to animals.

Of course, cruelty still happens, and neglect is commonplace, but it is not just accepted as normal by most people, like in many places around the world. We have many great organizations whose main purpose is to protect animals from cruelty, and to bring the bad people to court to be punished. The majority of people here care about animals, and would not be cruel. I do firmly believe that.

The Animal Welfare Act Click Here

Dogs are not food here. Thank goodness.

In some places in the world, as most people are aware, humans eat dogs and cats.

This is something which I find very hard to talk about. I love my human family, and they love me. We are pets here, part of the family, and I can’t believe anyone brought up in the UK would think of a dog as food. In fact I googled the question, and all that came up was a lot of articles about what to feed your dog. That reassured me a little because I would hate to be proven wrong.

I am an optimist at heart, and I like to think good of people, like I do of the dogs that I meet. 

In other parts of the world dogs and cats are not as fortunate as we are here. Bad things happen here too. We will never stop some people from being cruel, some are so caught up in themselves and what THEY want, that they do not consider the feelings of other humans, let alone animals. But we can hope that the majority are good people.

Many people are trying to change things around the world and to protect animals from hurt. I wish these well, and I so hope that they succeed, and that one day all animals will be protected by law.

Until that day, I am glad I am one of the lucky ones,



4 thoughts on “A British Dog

  1. Could you picture us with a full whip tail? We don’t see many boxers with tails in the U.S. When we do, they look silly! That tail could be a weapon. Ours were cut off when we were 2 days old & it’s still a soft tissue. I’m not saying it makes it ok, just the way it’s done here. I see your point though. Thanks for all this info. xo

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