Spring Has Arrived

It is April and here in England the weather is improving every day. (Well, I thought it was until I heard that there has been snow and hail up north!)

Here in Oxfordshire, which, (for you Americans) is pretty much in the middle of England, we have been having some lovely weather! The forsythia is in full bloom.



It has been warm enough to lie out on the grass some days, and I do love to feel the sun on my fur! I can’t think of anything I like better!


Even the ducks have come out of their quiet corner to catch a few rays! Charlie doesn’t seem to have noticed them yet.


Mom even saw a bee, or maybe it’s a wasp, on the apple blossom, which is very pretty at the moment.


Dad’s been making rhubarb crumbles and Mom’s been digging all the weeds out, as everything seems to be growing suddenly. Especially the weeds.


There will soon be more flowers in the garden, and butterflies, and before we know it, summer will be here. Long lazy days in the garden and breakfasts on the patio.

The birds will sing, and the lawnmowers will sing their summer song.

This last year has gone so quickly, it’s May this week, and it doesn’t seem like five minutes since it was Christmas! I hope the summer doesn’t whizz by too quickly.



6 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived

  1. It’s turned back to winter here. We’ve had hailstones this morning and it’s only 6 degrees. I’m staying snuggled up on the sofa with mum and making sure she doesn’t go out anywhere bol xxxx

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