Hope – Animals Have Feelings Too

I wrote this poem in the hope that it would make people stop and think, before knowingly hurting an animal in their care. There is enough cruelty in the world.

She lay there on the lonely street
Her bed, the cold, hard stone.
She didn’t know what she had done
To be left here alone.
The man whom she had lived with,
Had left her here tonight.
He’d thrown her from his moving car
Not bothered by her plight.
She shivered as she lay there
Not knowing what to do.
Would someone come to help her?
Or would they hurt her too.
Her paws were bruised and bleeding,
Hurt when landing on the ground.
She whined a quiet cry for help
But no one was around.
The morning came and went
And still she lay there all alone,
Confused and sad and hurting
From the cruelty she’d been shown.
She’d almost lost all hope that
Some kind soul would hear her cries
When suddenly a boy appeared
He had tears in his eyes.
He spoke so very quietly
And knelt down by her side
And as he stroked her trembling nose
The boy looked down and cried.
How could somebody do this
To a dog as sweet as you?
Come with me,and I promise
That I know just what to do.
She looked at him in wonder
As she struggled to her feet
His voice as kind and gentle
As she ever hoped to meet.
Instinctively she followed him
With hope back in her heart,
She felt that she was safe now
And her life,
With love,
Could restart.

For all the girls just like her
We can but only pray
That they will find their own sweet boy
And love can win the day


Please be kind, there is never an excuse for cruelty. Never.

Please share as far and wide as possible.



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