Holibob Part 2.

Like I said in my first blog, I spent that night with three staffies for company, and at least two of them snored. Maybe even all three!

Charlie was lucky enough to sleep on Moms bed because he was being very grumpy with the other dogs.

Hmmm maybe I should try being grumpy so I can sleep on the bed too!


Mom came down first in the morning and there was a mad scramble as 36 legs of varying sizes crashed together in the rush to get outside for garden duty!

(I can count by the way, two of the dogs were just day boarders)


After a very orderly dishing out of breakfasts for us all, and after several cups of coffee for Mom and Mary, we got ready to go for a walk.

We had only gone a very short way when Mary opened a big gate into a field.

And then I had a wonderful surprise!


Mom took our leads off!

I saw the other dogs run off across the grass and I ran too! And boy did I run! I easily caught up with the others and zoomed past with a laugh! It was exhilarating to run free and I enjoyed every minute!

All of us had a really good time, even Charlie and he ran around too. It felt so good to stretch our legs and to play but very soon I was worn out and panting.

Why is it that my tongue gets longer when I’ve been running? It didn’t want to fit back in my mouth!!


As we all walked back to the house we saw some very odd looking dogs in a field. They were very fluffy and desperately needed a haircut!


We ambled back to the house and all flopped down indoors on our own beds, while Mom and Mary went out for a little while, to have lunch I think. They shut me and Charlie in the hall together for company.

They obviously forgot that I can open doors!

I could hear Henry and Anna in the next room and wanted to be with them so I just opened the door. Simple as that!

Mary was very surprised, when she and Mom came back, to find all of us greeting her at the door! We had a surprise too, when we discovered there was another dog with them! A very fluffy little dog!


Charlie quite liked him, because he was small too. He was called Percy and was very friendly with us, he was very sweet.


Soon after Percy arrived, it was time for us to go home. Everything was packed back into the car, and we said our goodbyes to Mary and the furries.

I was sad to leave, it had been fun.



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