My Mini Holibob!

Mom had been promising us all week that we were going on a trip to see Mary. We like Mary, she is the lady who introduced us to Charlie!

It didn’t take too long to get there in the car, but Charlies constant whining made it seem longer. There was lots to look at on the way to distract him though, some huge wind turbines that made a loud noise as we went past, and then some straw bales made to look like Minions!

They made Mom laugh!wpid-20150421_114858.jpg

The countryside was very pretty as we drove through Leicestershire but we were relieved when Mom said we were nearly there.

As soon as we arrived, we jumped out of the car, excited to see Mary!

(And to pee of course. Very important)

There were lots of other dogs there and they all came outside to greet us. I wagged my tail and greeted them all as dogs do, with a sniff all over.wpid-20150421_114909.jpg

Charlie wasn’t quite so keen on them.

He growled at one dog and then acted all surprised when he growled back!

Silly boy!

He was pleased to see Mary though. I’m sure he remembered her, because when she picked him up he gave her a real happy cuddle. She was very happy to see Charlie too of course and made a big fuss of him!

(He did settle down with imagethe pack eventually, but was grumpy one minute and a scaredy cat the next. I don’t think he liked the fact that he wasn’t the boss dog there. It confused him.)

We all played for a while, and then went in to explore the house. It was full of interesting dog smells, and I could even smell cat but I didn’t find one that day.

There were lots of dog beds and water bowls and everywhere I looked there was a dog! I thought it was heaven!


Ernie and Me.

At lunchtime me and Charlie went for a drive in Marys car. We picked up a curly dog and took him for a walk around his village. We even stopped at a cafe and had a nice cold drink of water.

We then drove to Ernies house and took him for a walk too. Ernie is a blue greyhound, and he’s very handsome! (I was a little taken with him to tell the truth!) We walked side by side around the village,

I have never walked so much in one day before, so I was exhausted when we got back. Mom and Mary took the rest of the pack for a walk, and I was happy to stay behind and have a sleep. Anna stayed with me.



That evening after dinner, I roached very happily on Marys sofa. Stych the puppy was very funny, he kept jumping on Mom and licking her face. Mom didn’t mind, but Charlie did!

He got very cross and told him off, I don’t think he liked the idea of anyone else cuddling our Mom. 

That night, as Charlie was being so grumpy, he got to sleep on Moms bed so he didn’t get into any trouble. I shared the kitchen with Riley, Stych and Daiseydoo as I didn’t want to sleep on my own. They all snored, but I was so tired, I fell straight into a deep sleep.

To be continued. …….


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