Sunny Saturday

Today was the first day of Moms week off work and happily it was, sunny, even if it was a bit windy, always a good start to the weekend.

Mom and Dad were late getting up. I was starting to get a little impatient, and stamping my paws by the time they finally got out of bed! I thought they had decided to stay in bed all day! As always though, they eventually came downstairs, and we had a cuddle and a happy hello before me and Charlie went to inspect the garden.


We had a lovely lazy morning. 

I had a few treats after breakfast, special treats from Ammys Delight, and then lay on the warm grass while Charlie kept guard for marauders. It was lovely to rest my head on the grass, it felt almost like summer!

Just before lunch, I allowed Mom and Dad to go shopping. They weren’t gone very long and they came home with loads of treats! Me and Charlie inspected the bags thorouimageghly when they got back, to make sure that the had bought everything on our shopping list. They had.

We decided that is was probably a good idea letting them go out, because we found out that we would be getting sausages for tea!

What a result!!

After the humans had done a little tidying up, and had lunch, we all decided to go for a walk to the park. Charlie was a little overexcited and pulled like a husky.

He dragged Mom all the way to the park, while me and Dad walked in a much more well behaved manner. As always.

Charlie continued to misbehave at the park, when he was running off lead. We saw a poodle, a really friendly little guy, and Charlie took a dislike to him. He growled and snarled, while the poodle just looked at him, eyes wide in surprise! Mom put him back on his lead while I apologised to the poodle for my rude little brother. Like you do.

Luckily the poodles Mom didn’t mind, she said Charlie was cute!


I am always very well behaved when we go out. Always.

Charlie sometimes is, but today he let himself down. A little later, as we left the park to go home, we saw the poodle in the distance, and Charlie started yapping at him. He really is silly.

Mom and Dad stopped at the little shop on the way home and got an ice cream, which was the first one this year!

We looked on and drooled. No ice cream for us this time.

By the time we got home, Charlie was forgiven. We had a nice long drink and a sit down while Dad decided what to cook for tea. Today has been a good day, all round. I hope the rest of the week is as good. Mom deserves a nice break.

Paws crossed for good weather.



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