Making Plans.

Tomorrow it is Friday, the last day of the week that Mom has to work, and then she has a whole week off, to stay home with me Charlie and Dad! I am very excited about that.

We have plans. Lots of plans!


At least I do. I am going to guard the front door and refuse to let her out unless I am going with her! She does not have to go to work, so there is no excuse for her to anywhere I can’t go with her.

However, I will allow her out on Saturday afternoon, because it is Grandads birthday, and she is going out to dinner with him. to a restaurant where dogs aren’t allowed. And I might allow her to go to the supermarket to buy sausages. But that’s it.

If the weather is nice, we will go for lots of walks and play in the garden. Maybe even a picnic somewhere?

On Tuesday, we are going to visit a very, very good friend. The last time we saw her in person, was when we went on holiday, when we met Charlie and brought him home with us. Dad has said that we are not allowed to bring any more dogs home this time. Mom is not very good at doing as she is told though. (she would not make a very good dog)

I don’t think Mary has any homeless dogs at the moment, so Mom might just unintentionally do as she is told, which will irk her something terrible. Humans are silly!


While we are there, I will meet up with her beautiful furbabies again! We will have such fun, especially as she has a new puppy now!! He looks real sweet and I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if Charlie will remember them all too? He lived with them for a few weeks so he should do. It will be lke a family reunion!

Also, Mary says she has a field, and she has promised that I will be able to run free! That will be wonderful, I can only really run free in the garden usually, as we don’t have anywhere big nearby that is fenced in.

After our road trip, we are hoping to have a few relaxing days. Mom might do some gardening while me and Charlie play, and supervise of course. It all depends on the weather, Mom says.Mom will probably get up early every day, for some reason she doesn’t mind getting up early when she’s not working, and we will have nice lazy breakfasts and cuddles galore!

So tomorrow will be a long day but when tea time comes and Mom arrives home, it will be heaven!



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