Guest blog, Mom’s story.

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

I can’t imagine my home without a pet.

Most of my childhood memories involve one or other of the dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or budgies we owned. We even had a goat and some chickens at one point! But the dogs were always my favourites. 

When I grew up and left home, I longed for a dog of my own. My chance came just about the time I got married, when I took in a dog who’s owner couldn’t keep him anymore. He was a Blue Merle Collie, a beautiful dog who needed a lot of exercise, and kept me fit! He was a real character! He lived with us for 15 years, my children grew up with him and loved him. He was very patient with them when they were little, and protective of them as they grew older. He was a real family dog,

Sadly, he grew…

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