I Was Tricked!!

Today Charlie went to be groomed, as he was getting very fluffy and kept getting twigs stuck in his feet. Mom said I could go along and watch and I happily agreed!

We both had our collars and leads put on and got in the car. Well, Charlie got in the car, I had to be lifted in as usual. Like I’ve said before, I do not jump!

We arrived a little early so we had a walk around for ten minutes. There were a lot of interesting smells there.


We went in and after saying hello to Helen and Steph, who were very nice, they lifted Charlie up on to the table.

Charlie had loads of fur clipped off before he had his bath. He didn’t mind this too much although he was a bit wriggly when Helen tried to do his legs.


He didn’t enjoy the bath quote so much. I laughed at him while he stood there dripping and frowning! I was so glad I didn’t have to have a bath.

Then, after a blow dry, he had the rest of his fur shaved off! Oh how embarrassed he was as I watched him having his bum hair clipped!


He glared at me as I watched, amused, and yet fascinated as the pile of fur got bigger and bigger.

But even I felt a bit sorry for him when he had to have his nails clipped. I hate having mine done, and I whinced in sympathy as he wriggled.

Eventually though, he was finished, and Helen sprayed him with something that smells like strawberries! How girly! Poor Charlie didn’t care, he was so pleased that it was over, he ran straight to Mom for a cuddle.

I was getting up, ready to go home, when suddenly Helen called me! I looked unbelievingly at Mom as she told me to get on the table. I hardly have any fur! Surely I didn’t need grooming!

But it was worse!

I had to have my nails clipped! Mom had tricked me into coming and I hadn’t suspected a thing. I could not believe it! But I am a good girl, I stood bravely and only let out a little whimper when Helen lifted up my foot.

I gave Mom one of my “looks” but she didn’t seem to notice. I was not a happy houndy at all!

However, despite my fears, I never felt a thing. It didn’t take very long and Helen was very gentle. She said I was a good girl, which made me feel much better about the whole thing. Mom said I was a good girl too. Hmmm.


I think Charlie looks very dapper with his new haircut! He certainly looks a bit different to how he looked this morning!

He certainly smells different!



6 thoughts on “I Was Tricked!!

  1. Aww Bella so glad you were good when having your nails done. Mum says mine need doing again. She takes me to the kennels she got me from and the lovely man does them for me whilst I get lots of fuss from my old friends there bol. Xxxx

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  2. This is such a good story. And the pictures are terrific. I love them all but I especially like the last one with the comment 😂😂😂😂😂

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  3. Chuck looks so cute! You are such a brave houndy. They clipped while you were standing? Hmmm, I should have a talk with my vet. He lies me on the table while 2 techs hold me down to clip mine!

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