Family Together!

When Charlie first came to live with us, I was very happy. I liked him straight away but I think he was not so sure about me, he wanted to be boss dog because he was a boy. It has taken me six months to teach him differently.

Me and Mom were once a little family of two

And then Dad came and made our family three.

We rubbed along quite nicely for a while on our own

Just Dad and Mom and little houndy me.

But then I went on holiday to see a Twitter friend

And met our little Charlie by the sea,

We played together on the beach for just a day or two

And something happened, so it seemed to me

He fitted on Moms lap so very perfectly,

He liked her from the start, that I could tell,

And when I looked at him I kinda melted,

I knew that he would fit our family well.

And so he came home with us on the Friday,

Trotted in our house like it was his,

Jumped on Daddys lap as if he knew him,

Made himself at home, that’s how he is!

He wasn’t quite so keen on me to start with,

I don’t think he was used to sharing much,

It took a little while of adjusting,

He growled if I got close enough to touch!

I let him have his way for quite a long time,

Happy just to have him as a brother,

He hadn’t had much fun before he met us,

And before he hadn’t had to share his mother.

But slowly, very slowly his heart melted,

Like we knew it would eventually,

And things are perfect now we are a foursome,

Mom and Dad and Charlie boy and Me,

Family forever πŸ™‚


PS I guess the pesky cat is family too, but as she doesn’t like me, I left her out.

That’ll teach her!!


wpid-20141021_101413.jpg wpid-20140817_165241.jpgwpid-20140816_113306.jpgwpid-20140823_073041.jpg





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