Easter Came And Went!

Okay, so it is now Bank Holiday Monday and our long weekend is almost over! Tomorrow is back to work day.

Friday went by quickly
The weather wasn’t great.
So Mom did bits of housework,
I had to watch and wait.

Saturday was better,
We spent time in the yard,
I watched them chop a tree up,
(Just watching wasn’t hard.)

We snuggled in the evening,
And watched stuff on the telly,
I lay across my Moms lap,
As she rubbed my baldy belly.

And then came Easter Sunday,
The long awaited day,
I planned to catch that Bunny
But again he got away!

For breakfast I had chocolate,
The doggy kind of course,
While Mom had eggy sandwiches
With lots of yummy sauce!

My Easter Egg was yummy,
But it did not last me long,
I wanted to steal Charlies,
But Mom said that was wrong.

We had a lazy Sunday,
The perfect holiday,
Played “chase me” in the garden,
And snuggled half the day.

But now it’s almost over,
Just one more treat to go,
The kiddies are coming over,
And we’ll have fun, I know.

We’ll have a lovely dinner,
And then go for a run.
Pretend today’s forever,
And life is always fun.


Enjoy the rest of your holiday, don’t think about work tomorrow, enjoy the moment.



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