Mom Has A Say.

Mom gets a fair bit of ridicule for allowing me to have a Twitter account. I don’t see why, but that’s the way it is. So I told her she should explain why.

Bella is right, some people think it is silly to have a pet profile on social media. But what is Twitter for, if not to ‘twitter?’

I will tell you the reason I went on Twitter with my dog.

I first went on as myself. I didn’t know many people who used twitter, so started off by following a few well known people, as you do. Being female and blonde, I was quite quickly followed by men who tweeted stuff I wouldn’t say was “nice”. Also by people who were out to sell, mostly writers, who just pumped out adverts for their books. No one seemed interested in just talking. I had to be careful with what I said too, because of where I work, and who knows what profiles employers check these days.

So I went on with Bella.

I very soon found groups of people who’s animals also have profiles. Some of the Moms are women who have serious jobs, (some have impressive LinkedIn profiles by the way) or who cannot speak freely as themselves due to it being public. You would be surprised how many well known people have animal accounts and how many men.

Anonymity can mean the freedom to just relax and be a bit silly.

A lot of our followers do not not have animal profiles, they are just people who like animals. We have a lot of charities, rescue centres, and businesses, and for some unknown reason, F1 fanatics! They are just normal people who want to interact with other normal people, without any of the nastiness associated with Twitter.
Bella can say what she likes, be as silly as she wants without criticism, and it is fun. We have made a lot of real friends, and have met up with lots of them.


It works so well, that Bella now has pages on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest, and we are addicted!

Go Bella! 



(Now hold on Mom, are you calling me silly???  Pfffttttt!  😉   )




8 thoughts on “Mom Has A Say.

  1. Indeed soooooo trueeeeee. indeed we can be as silly as we wants. No nasty things to be said just be us the dogs. There is no discrimination of colour or religion and it doesn,t matter if we are small or tall, young or old. This is what Social Media should be meeting lots of people around the world and there is always a friend around if you just want to have a nice chat.

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