Rain Rain Go Away!

Today is Good Friday, the first day of a long Bank Holiday weekend, and it has rained all day. It is a real shame because we had hoped to go for a long walk, and play in the garden.

I love it when Mom isn’t working, and we usually spend a lot of time together. We always have more fun when the weather is good, so we were hoping it would be sunny. Unfortunately Bank Holidays are often wet, for no explicable reason, and today was exactly that.

We have spent most of the day indoors instead. 

It wasn’t so bad though, we have played a little, had lots of cuddles, and Mom went shopping. She brought back lots of nice things to eat and sausages for me and Charlie!

However, despite moaning about the rain, I do realise that in a way we are lucky!! Some of my friends live in countries where the weather is very hot, and they would gladly swap it for a rainy day! I want sun and they want rain!

It seems to me, that whatever we have, we always want something else!! 

Isn’t that very true of so many humans? Someone with straight hair wants curly hair, and curly haired people want straight hair! Bald people want any hair at all while some people shave all of theirs off!

Why are so many people never satisfied with what they have? 

I can’t claim to be so different, and I am a hound. I always want more sausages, more cuddles, and more time to spend with my Mom. And I will always prefer a sunny day to a rainy one.


But I can tell you one thing, I would not swap the family I have now, for any amount of money, or even for a sausage factory of my own! I love my family, even that cat!!



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