Charlie Has His Say Part 2 – Meeting Bella

This is part two of Charlies story, his version of when he met me and Mom, and then joined our family. He sees it a little differently to me of course, but here it is.

Hello again, Charlie here, supercute and handsome as ever. As I was saying the other day, before I was so rudely interrupted, we were all at the seaside, me, Mary and my new furfamily, when a car pulled up outside. Out stepped a lady with a smile!


I took one look and ran over to say hello. She fussed me and asked who I was, she spoke with Mary for a few minutes, and then she opened her car boot. Out jumped the biggest blackest hound I had ever met! She had very long legs, big brown eyes and very shiny fur. The new lady fussed her and introduced her to Mary, who also fussed her and acted as if she knew her!

‘Hmphh’ I thought, who is this creature?


The girl houndy came over to me and we sniffed politely. but I was immediately more interested in the lady! She said hello to Riley, who gave her her a good look over and let her know that he was boss dog, and then we all went for a walk along the grass to get to know each other better.

When we finally went indoors, the houndy, who I discovered was called Bella, was a little nervous, she treaded carefully, trying to find her place in the pack. She seemed to accept bottom spot very easily, so I didn’t really pay her much attention after that. However, the lady was nice, and so I kept trying to sit on her lap. I even growled at Bella when she tried to join in, but the lady put me down straight away and fussed Bella instead!!

Of all the cheek, did she not know about pack status??

Anyway, we spent the next few days together, playing on the beach, and getting to know each other. I liked the lady a lot, but Bella kept telling me that this was her human, and not mine! Silly girl!

The lady made a huge fuss of me, but still made even more time for Bella, and the other dogs too, it was very frustrating for me. We did have a great time though, Bella swam with Riley, and tried to cuddle Daisydoo, we even went into town together and had sausages! But all too soon, the holiday was over and the lady packed all of her things back in the car. I was going to be sad to say farewell to her.

But then I had a bit of a shock!

She packed me into the car too! I was very happy to be going with her, but I was also sad, because I thought that Mary was my Mom now. I liked this lady too of course but I was still a bit puzzled. However I was unfazed, I said goodbye to Mary and The dogs with barely a backward glance. 

We had a long, long journey home, me strapped onto the front seat, and Bella in the back. She fell asleep quite quickly, but I stayed awake all the way. If it hadn’t been for my infernal seat belt I would have curled up in my new Moms lap! I was beginning to get a bit bored with the journey, when at last we finally stopped. Mom climbed out and let Bella out of the back.

Then she got me out and carried me through the house and into her garden.wpid-20140816_113204-1.jpg

As I ran around exploring, Bella followed me, she seemed determined to show me around even though I made it quite clear that I didn’t want her to!

A man was sat on a chair on the patio, Bella ran straight to him and made a huge fuss. Not to be outdone, I jumped up on his lap and claimed him as my Dad.  Bella didn’t mind, and he seemed pleased, even though he said I looked like a rat!!!

I just knew right then, that this was going to be my Forever Home.

Over the following few weeks, Bella was very sweet, friendly and patient. Despite all my efforts, she has steadfastly refused to accept that I am the boss dog in this house, but at the same time she has not tried to be boss dog either! I’m not sure if she is stupid,  exceedingly clever, or just ignorant of my status.

But, it is working, it seems to make for a peaceful life!!

And the rest is history. YAP YAP YAP!


(PS from Bella…  I am exceedingly clever!  wink wink)







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