Charlie Has His Say, “Before I Met Bella”

Mom asked me if I would let Charlie write his story. (I think she thought writing might distract him from yapping.) I thought it only fair to let him have a go, so here it is.Charlies Story, Part One

Hello, My name is Charlie. I am a Yorkshire Terrier, and I am a Yappoholic. 

Ha ha, no really, I am a yorkie as I’m sure you all know, and I live now with my big sister Bella. I haven’t always lived here, this time last year I was living with my first Mum. My life was very different then, I lived mostly in one room, a nice comfy room to be fair, but still one room. I had lots of cuddles and tidbits, but I didn’t have much fun. I didn’t go out much, hardly at all really, I spent most of my time on Moms bed with her, having cuddles.

I was there for a long time.

I lived with my first Mom from when I was a puppy until I was five years old. Then one day, all of a sudden, everything changed. Mom was taken away, and I was left alone in my room. I stayed there for a little while, really confused, until a very lovely lady came into my room and said hello to me!.

I ran straight over to her for a fuss and a cuddle, I really didn’t like being alone and so I was very glad to see her. She put a lead on me and chatted to me as she led me outside. How exciting, I thought, I am going for a walk! (back then I rarely had walks, just short trips to the garden to do my business, and not as often as I needed to be honest)

Instead of going for a walk though, she took me over to a car and I immediately jumped inside to investigate! I didn’t notice at first but she had also collected my blanket and my two favourite toys! I was a little surprised when she strapped me to the seat, but she seemed really nice and I was ready for an adventure so I sat there happily.

We drove a little way until we arrived at what was to be my home for the next few weeks.

I was so excited to be there that I forgot to be nervous when I discovered I was to share the lady with three other dogs! I just strolled right in as if I owned the place, we all said hello and that was that. I felt at home immediately. All of these dogs were bigger than me, but I didn’t care! I told them off if they got too rough with me and I wasn’t afraid to nip if neccessary. Even the boss dog Riley!

I loved it there!! I loved it even more when the lady, who I found was called Mary, took me to play in the field for the first time!! I could not believe my luck when she took my lead off.

I had never run free outside before and I went a little crazy!

I ran and ran, with the wind rushing through my overgrown fur and I was in heaven. I ran until I could run no more, while Mary watched me smiling. Eventually I had to stop, and I ran back to her for a cuddle. I had never been so happy.

The next day, she gave me a bath. I was very good for her even though I hate baths, and later when she took me to the groomers, I behaved impeccably. I was used to being groomed, and I always felt better when they tidied my tiny feet. (they are so darned furry), and I have to admit I was a wee bit overgrown at that point!

I loved it there, and once we had all got used to each other I relaxed completely.

I could go out whenever I wanted to and I would cuddle Daisydoo when I liked, and Mary when I needed a human hug. I didn’t really miss my first Mum, as this life was so good compared to how it was before. However I did still like to sleep with my own two toys. They smelt familiar and comfortable.


I met lots of other humans while I was there, and I loved them all! They seemed to like me too, as I got lots and lots of cuddles!

Then one day, Mary put all of us pups into her car and we drove away. On holiday! To a little house right on the beach! It was fabulous, and it became even better when, after a day or two, a car pulled up outside, and out stepped a lady I just knew I was going to love!!


8 thoughts on “Charlie Has His Say, “Before I Met Bella”

  1. Hi. Charlie. 👋 I love ur story, you a lucky guy. Sounds like you had good time with Mary. I like how you bosses the other dogs around. Can’t wait for part 2

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  2. Aww Charlie I love your story. What happened to your first mom tho? I’m curious about that (nosey really). Anyway … thank you for this and I can’t wait for the rest. I love you Charlie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh little Charlie, this is beautiful. We were so sad about your Mom leaving you but grew happy as you did with your newfound freedom to run & roam. We love you Chuck! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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